Range Hood Buyers Guide | Finding the Perfect Match for Your Home

Range Hood Buyers Guide | Finding the Perfect Match for Your Home

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So, you’ve decided to purchase a range hood for your home. Congratulations! It’s a great first step in turning your kitchen from just a place where you cook, into the kitchen of your dreams.

But for some, the process of purchasing one can seem like an overpowering task. Have no fear, with the help of our range hood buyers guide you’ll have all the knowledge you need to purchase the perfect range hood for your kitchen!

Mounting Style

The first thing you should decide when purchasing a range hood is what mounting style you will need. For a majority of kitchens, you’re going to be looking at a wall-mounted range hood. These hoods are mounted directly to the wall over your range. Usually, these hoods have ducting that leads the smoke and fumes directly from the hood to the outside of your home, but in some options, they’re set up to recirculate the fumes back inside the home after they’ve been filtered. These types of models are known as recirculating or ductless range hoods.

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If your range is located on a kitchen island, you’ll want to purchase an island mount range hood. These hoods are usually incredibly similar in looks and function as a wall-mounted range hood, but it’s finished on all four sides, including the chimneys and features two-button panels on both sides of the hood for added convenience.

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Let’s say you’re purchasing a range hood for your kitchen remodel. You previously had an over-the-range microwave, but your new kitchen has a microwave drawer, so you’d like to replace the spot with a range hood. In this case, your best bet is an under-cabinet range hood.

An under-cabinet range hood allows you to keep your existing cabinetry and not have to add in a chimney. This is a great choice if you’re looking to cut back a bit of work, especially if you’re able to use your existing ductwork from your old over-the-range microwave!

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The last mounting style in our guide is a range hood insert. Inserts are the perfect choice for those who are looking for unlimited options when it comes to customizing the look and style with their range hood. With an insert, you can purchase a hood that fits the exact style, finish, and design that you want in your kitchen, and then place the insert inside the custom hood. Similar to putting a case on your phone, the style is all your own with the power you need tucked safely inside!

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If you’d like a deeper look into range hood mounting styles, check out our blog where we go into greater detail on each mount!


Range hood size is one of the most important things in our Range Hood Buyers Guide. Unlike some of our other buyer points, size is something you don’t have much of a free choice on. If you’re purchasing a wall-mounted range hood. Your range hood should be at least the same size as your range, if not at least a couple of inches longer on each side. So if you have a 36” free-standing range you’d want to purchase a 36” range hood . But for island range hoods, we recommend at least 6” larger in width for the island (so the island hood can efficiently catch all of the smoke from the burners instead of going around the hood)

Power needs

How much power will your range hood need? This is something you should definitely consider when picking your range hood. Range hoods come in a couple of different power levels, our most popular range hoods come with a 400 CFM motor, but if you’re looking for something with a little more power we advise looking for something with 700 CFM.

Also, If you’re worried about the noise levels of your range hood, don’t forget that remote blower range hoods are always an option! Remote blower hoods hold the same CFM as their counterparts, but the motor is installed into your home’s attic to help dampen the overall sound of the range hood.

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Choose Your Design & Finish

You’ve picked your mounting style and you found your correct size, now it’s time to choose your design and finish! This is the part where you really get to choose the perfect range hood for your home.

There are a lot of different designs and finishes to choose from, and ultimately your decision will come down to the overall style you’re trying to accomplish in your kitchen. One of the most popular finishes is stainless steel due to its timeless appeal and ability to match in all kitchen styles.

Stainless steel is perfect if you’re going for a modern look in your kitchen. It’s wildly popular and is sure to make your kitchen shine! There are endless styles and designs available in stainless steel, a few of our favorites are the ZLINE’s KB Series range hood or the ZLINE 587 Series .

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Another great benefit of stainless steel hoods is that some are even outdoor approved! These are great for keeping the smoke from your grill away from your outdoor kitchen. The ZLINE hoods we carry are rust and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity while it’s outdoors.

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Black stainless steel is another option that’s commonly available on range hoods. These finishes tend to be very similar to stainless steel as far as quality and ease of cleaning, while bringing a more dark, neutral feel to your kitchen.

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Some companies like ZLINE, make exclusive versions of stainless steel finish as well. ZLINE offers a DuraSnow® finish on many of their popular designs. This unique design is a non-directional brushed stainless steel finish that has fingerprint and scratch-resistant properties. You can learn more about DuraSnow® here.

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Glass range hoods are another great choice for modern kitchens. Glass range hoods usually have a sleek glass base and a stainless steel chimney. While they can be quicker to show grease, one benefit of a glass range hood is how incredibly easy they are to clean!

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Copper has been used to style kitchens for quite some time, and range hoods are no exception to this! Copper range hoods can add a nice touch of color and work well in both modern and rustic or farmhouse-style kitchens. With most modern copper range hoods, you get a stainless steel range hood that has copper baked into the finish. This helps guarantee that your range hood is built with quality materials that are sure to last in your kitchen!

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The final style in our range hood buyers guide is designer wood. A designer wood finish range hood is an absolute must if you’re trying to accomplish a rustic or farmhouse look for your kitchen. Our wide selection of ZLINE designer finishes include many different types of wood like walnut and antigua as well a variety of wood stains such as white, grey, rustic dark, and even unfinished which allows you to customize your kitchen by painting the hood to what matches their style

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Accessories aren’t usually a make-or-break item for your range hood, but they can certainly take your hood to the next level!

Chimney extensions and short kits aren’t needed in every kitchen, but it’s still something worth mentioning. Short kits are used to shorten the chimney length of your range hood. You’ll find this in a smaller kitchen where the ceiling is lower than average.

An extension is used in the opposite scenario, where the ceiling is higher than your typical kitchen. One important thing to note: Double-check that the short kit or extension will work for your hood. A lot of manufacturers build these to work with specific models.

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Shop Range Hood Chimney Extensions

A crown molding is a great accessory for your range hood. Crown moldings are used at the top of the range hood’s chimney and brings a modeling design around where the hood meets your ceiling to give it a more concealed and blended look.

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If you’re really looking to spice up your range hood, check out ZLINE’s exclusive CrownSound™. CrownSound™ brings the party into your kitchen with integrated Bluetooth speakers. Easily connect your phone to your range hood and enjoy your favorite music or podcast while you cook. You can learn more about CrownSound™ in our featured blog .

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We hope our Range Hood Buyers Guide has helped you narrow down the process for the perfect range hood for your home. Still have questions? Please reach out to us! Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions that you may have, and we’re ready to help you pick the best range hood for your kitchen!

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