How to Build a DIY Range Hood Cover for a ZLINE Range Hood Insert

How to Build a DIY Range Hood Cover for a ZLINE Range Hood Insert

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Custom Range Hood covers have become increasingly popular, particularly because they allow homeowners to achieve the exact look they are going for. Gone are the days of mounting an insert range hood into cabinets, or leaving a wall mounted range hood bare. The range hood and range combination is the focal point of a kitchen, and a custom range hood cover can turn these appliances into beautiful conversation starters. Afterall, the true language of luxury is owning timeless custom pieces.

How to Build a DIY Range Hood Cover?

The most convenient way to build a DIY range hood cover is to make a wooden frame and mount it on the wall. Consider the dimensions of the range hood insert and build around it. Add a build-out piece of wood inside the base of the wooden shell that will act as a lip where the insert will be screwed onto. You want the insert to be as snug as possible, for a nice and plush finish.

To get the step-by-step process, we asked our friends over at Appliance Educator.

Step by Step Process

  1. Measure the dimensions of your kitchen

    Measure the height of your kitchen (floor to ceiling). Subtract the height of your countertop, and subtract an extra 30-36 inches. The difference will be the height of your custom range hood cover. Refer to your range hood owner’s manual for recommendations.

  2. Measure the dimensions of the range hood insert

    Consider the space between your hood and your cabinets and choose the panel sizes accordingly.

  3. Choose a hood shape

    There are three basic hood styles; boxed, curved, and inclined

  4. Build out range hood frame

    Building out the frame first will allow you to minimize common measurement mistakes. Start from the base and move up. Make sure that the base is strong enough to support the weight of the range hood

  5. Build out range hood cover

    Use Grade A or B plywood - which is less likely to warp and splinter - to wrap around the frame. Secure each section with brad nails.

    Optional: You can also use drywall and apply tape and joint compound for a smooth finish.

  6. Sand cover and fill in seams

    Sand the wood lightly, and use caulk to fill in the seams, edges and nail holes for a clean look.

  7. Paint and add your finishing touches

    Since the range hood will become the focal point of your kitchen, choose a color or finish that compliments or matches your kitchen’s theme.

What is the Best Type of Wood for a Custom Range Hood Cover?

When it comes to painting a wood range hood cover vs staining, the choice of wood can make a huge difference. Staining would allow the wood’s natural grain to show through and can reflect your kitchen’s style, whether you want it to have a contrast or match your cabinetry. For painting - where the wood grain isn’t critical to the overall appearance - Grade A or B Plywood would allow for more customization, while still providing strong support for your range hood insert.

How to Install a Range Hood Insert?

The ZLINE Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood Insert in Stainless Steel (695) comes with L-brackets and screws that you may use to install your insert into a hood cover. Screw in the L-bracket into the insert shell and the bottom latch will be screwed into the bottom of the hood cover.

Available sizes for the ZLINE Range Hood Inserts:

  • 20.5 Inch
  • 28 Inch

  • 34 Inch

  • 40 Inch

  • 46 Inch
  • 52 Inch

  • 58 Inch

However, the manual does state that you can screw straight through the vertical metal plates at the base of the insert shell into the hood cover. If you choose to screw straight through the insert shell, drill 3 pilot holes at the back of the shell (one in the center and one on both sides), and drill two holes on each side of the shell.

Note: This will vary, depending on the range hood insert. Be sure to check the manual of the insert hood you are using for more information on installing it into a custom range hood cover.

When installing range hoods, you want it to be centered with your range and you will want the bottom of the range hood to be no more than 36” over the range and no less than 30” for proper ventilation.

This kitchen project is easier than you think! You simply build a frame, cover it, and install your range hood insert. You will surely love the results of your hard work and your new dream kitchen. Make sure to follow us on all of our socials for updates from The Range Hood Store!

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